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I Am A Walking MACHINE

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

Ever since I moved to the city of Philadelphia, I’ve been walking EVERYWHERE. Everything is so close and parking is so non-existant that it just makes sense to walk everywhere. The nice byproduct of that is I’m starting to get in better shape. Not the shape I’d like to be in, but better none the less.

I’ve calculated (well, Mapquest calculated) that from my apartment to work is about .6 miles. So, round trip is a little more than a mile. If I walk to a local eatery for lunch, then that’s probably another .5 miles. Totaling things up, I end up walking a good 1.5 miles every day. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing.

Now all I need to do is get rid of my completely useless car.

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Dave /

w00t. I’m a cycling machine. I’m always going to the woods nearby where I live with my friends. Also I’m doing running at the same time which all help AND I go to the gym every week! and I’m the laziest person I know. Strange world isn’t it?

Wow I really do spam your blog, don’t I.

memphoman /

Philly is a great walking city (in the right areas). I’ve been there many times on business. And the restaurant scene is impressive. Enjoy.

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