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Happy Birthday, Me

Joshua Lane / / 11 Comments

Today is my 29th birthday. Which is a bit of a non-event birthday.. not the 25th, not the 30th, just the 29th. However, what it DOES mean is that I have exactly ONE year before I turn 30. With that in mind, I’ve decided to start on my very own “things to do before I’m 30” list. And I’m limiting it to ~12 so I can accomplish one item each month. Here we go…

Things to do Before I’m 30

  1. Lose that last 20-ish lbs and get into shape
  2. Be debt-free (or at least close to it)
  3. Visit London (or Rome)
  4. Take a Helicopter Ride
  5. Speak at Another Conference/Event/Meeting
  6. Visit my Grandfather’s Resting Place (@ Arlington National Cemetery)
  7. Take a Class on Illustration/Design/Printing/etc

And that’s all I’ve got. Any suggestions on the remaining 5 or so to add to my list?

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Josh Stodola /

I think “staying alive” should be number one. How about meeting/marrying a woman?

michael /

happy b-day boSS!..see you friday….

Joshua Lane /

@Josh Stodola – TOTALLY thought about adding that to the list… but it puts a bit too much pressure on me.

@Michael – Thanks! Looking forward to Friday :)

Jauhari /

Happy Birthday my friends ;)

bearskinrug /

Hooray for Birth! Hoorah for Amniotic Fluid!

Geoff DiMasi /

Riding your bike from Philadelphia to the beach?

Maybe that should be on my list…

Leah /

Hmmm…yeah, meeting and marrying a woman (in one year) is quite a feat. And could put you on the fast track to rushing things. Sooo…for more achievable goals, I say you should:
1. Jump out of an airplane. It’s not as scary or expensive as you think.
2. Get a professional massage. Who doesn’t deserve one of those, right?
3. Drive up to Niagra Falls. That’s one of my goals, anyways.
4. Floss more. Dental hygiene is always a sound life-choice….and again…one of my goals.
5. Brew your own beer perhaps? It just seems like one of those things that men do in their 30’s. And soon you’ll be joining the ranks and ahead of the game!

Leah /

oh…and Happy Birthday, again.

Joshua Lane /

@Jauhari – Thanks :)

@Kevin – Don’t forget the placenta!

@Geoff – That’s not a bad idea… I once rode a bike 40 miles over the course of a long(ish) day. And by “once” I mean when I was 13, and it was horrible.

@Leah – EXCELLENT ideas! I’m leaning towards the skydiving/massage/Niagara options. Flossing is important too, but maybe I’ll just do that anyway and save an extra spot on the list ;) I’m not sure about the beer thing though (not a fan of beer). Maybe I can learn how to make my own Apple Martinis instead? And thanks for the extra birthday wishes. If I see you again on Friday, you may end up wishing me happy birthday more than anyone else I know!

Prakash /

Hi I like the way you celebrate your birthday. wishing you very Happy belated Birth Day.Few days before I have my 30th birthday i.e. on 22nd july and I celebrate it with Gayatri Yagna which is indian culture and from now wolud like to make a todo list also. Gre8 ….

Blake /

A little late, but happy belated! I’ve been to Arlington to visit my grandfather’s grave. It’s quite surreal. Get ready to buckle at the knees.

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