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Getting Mugged?

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

First off, NO I did not get mugged. However, I was walking home from work a bit late tonight (around 7:30pm or so). And as I passed a somewhat unsavory character, the notion of getting mugged crossed my mind. More specifically, the notion of getting all my stuff stolen crossed my mind.

This isn’t a terrible deal… unless you factor in the hundreds of dollars worth of crap I carry around. Here, let me add it up for you:

$150 – 1GB iPod Shuffle
$400 – New Casio Exilim Camera
$100 – Sony Ericsson Cell Phone
$070 – Guess Watch
$100 – Cash On Me
$820 – Total

Granted, it’s not all that best online canadian casinos much compared to my safety and well-being, but it would seriously suck if I ever got mugged. Hmm… perhaps I should rethink sharing this information with everyone.

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tigerous /

You know, at first, that seemed like a costly bit of stuff to be carrying around with you, but I realized it really isn’t. When I took my trip to New Jersey I was worried about having my stuff stolen as well, because the stuff I had with me amounted to quite a bit. I had a $200 Audiovox camera phone, a Sony PSP, a Nintendo DS, a GBA SP, accessories for all of them, and games. I was probably carrying well over $1000 worth of stuff with me. What can I say though, I had to bring something to do with me. One way on a train was over 9 hours. Honestly, I’m more concerned about having someone break into my house and rob me though. Now, that would seriously suck way more than getting mugged (presuming I’m uninjured either way).

DoubleSpeak /

After tallying up the items I lug around town on a daily basis ($400 Digital Camera, $150 MP3 player, $600 PSP and accessories) I realize I should probably be a bit more wary myself.

Josh, maybe you should give some thought to replacing your iPod’s headphones with plain black ones; they loudly advertise the fact that you’re carrying an MP3 worth at least $150. And of course, our fictitious mugger may even think you’re sporting one of those $400 iPod Photos — personally, I’d hate to get jacked by someone laboring under a misapprehension. But then again, what’s the point of having an iPod if no one knows you have one?

By the way Tigerous, you have way too many portable game consoles. :P

tigerous /

I know, I’m admittedly addicted to video games. I just can’t help myself. Actually, it’s not so much games as it is technology that I’m additicted to. You should seriously see my house. In addition to having every major game console (and a couple older ones), my family also has like 350 video games, an HDTV, a portable DVD player with a 10.2 inch screen, a minidisc player, a Canon Digital Rebel (it’s a 6 megapixel SLR, beautiful camera, I must add), and a digital camcorder. Also, that little list of portable gaming systems isn’t entirely complete. We have 2 Nintendo DS and 2 PSPs and we have 4 GBA SPs (one of which is a variant color I had to import from Japan, but I got a really good deal on it). Ok, I think I should seriously consider starting my own little TAA (Technology Addicts Annonymous) group.

DoubleSpeak /

*Whistles* Color me impressed. You are a tech junkie. You have two PSPs? I’m assuming that they aren’t both yours. I jumped on the PSP bandwagon just a few weeks ago myself, so I can’t fault you there. ;)

It’s such a handy device (makes a nifty ebook reader), I’m beginning to wonder how I ever got on without one.

mattE /

I am always too cautious to bring anything with me on the skytrian or something! All my freinds make fun of me becuase i have a psp and an ipod but i never bring any of those things out with me. The only reason i have them is for travelling (or in the car).

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