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Free Elton John Concert

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

That’s it… I give up… is it possible NOT to just utterly LOVE this city!? I mean, seriously… a FREE Elton John concert. On July 4th. Culminating in a MASSIVE display of fireworks. All I can say is this is going to be AWESOME. Here’s the skinny via

Join Sir Elton John at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a historic HIV/AIDS Awareness FREE concert and fireworks display on July 4th. Sir Elton shares the stage with Bryan Adams, Walter Cronkite, Patti LaBelle and Peter Nero.

The Sunoco Philadelphia Freedom Concert is FREE to the public and will kick off at 8:30 p.m., in front of the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art at 26th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The evening will culminate with a massive fireworks display.

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tigerous /

They have free concerts and massive fireworks displays here in Pittsburgh quite frequently as well. Oh, and free outdoor movies too, not to mention drive-ins. Maybe it’s a PA thing or something. That’s why I’m never moving back to ND regardless of how much I hate the crime rates and miss the snow.

Joshua Lane /

It must be a PA thing, because while DC does a huge fireworks display, I don’t remember them ever offering a free concert with the likes of Elton John or anyone on that level.

Greg Hoy /

That’s not all. I just heard that Sir Bob Geldof is organizing a 20 year anniversary concert for Live Aid. Yes, in Philadelphia!

From the Geldofsite:

“Bob Geldof is expected to confirm details Tuesday (May 31) of a major charity concert. The media will gather in London, England to hear details of the Live 8 concert.

The concert, which is expected to dovetail with the G8 summit, which is scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom from July 6 to 8, has been hinted at for several weeks now. Geldof said “What started 20 years ago is coming to a political point in a few weeks. There’s more than a chance that the boys and girls with guitars will finally get to turn the world on its axis. What we do in the next five weeks is seriously, properly, historically, politically important.”

donna /

Yeah they do a free concert every year here, I was just trying to remeber which holiday it was so I can be prepared to go so thanks for posting!!

But yeah one year they had Jill Scott, when the whole neo soul thing began blowing up and I’m forgetting the others. But there are others as well, if your into r&b, theres unity day which happens in august on the parkway. The last one I went to james brown was the main event, but past shows featured teena marie, they have about 4 different stages set up with just big name performers all day long plus food and fun too of course.

OH also check out broad street either on the 4th or during that week because they put on a huge concert blocking off the streets and all that good stuff. I haven’t had the pleasure of attending one so can’t give details but I’m determined this year to make it!

donna /

oh also dunno where it begins or ends but round about broad and walnut will definately point you in the right direction

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