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FINALLY!! I’ve Found an Apartment

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

After four trips up to Philly looking for an apartment, I’ve FINALLY found a nice place to call my own. It’s a studio on the top floor of a 4-story building and EVERYTHING is brand new. The entire apartment was gutted and re-done… they even knocked down a wall to give it more room.

I don’t have any pictures yet, because they were still working on the place when I looked at it. I’ll try to get some up just before I move in so you can see what it looks like without all my crap. And speaking of “move-in”, that should be sometime in early April. They said April 1st, but they still have some finishing touches to take care of so you never know. And for those curious, it’s in the Washington Square West area of Philadelphia… very quirky, artsy, and dare I say “hip” part of the city.

Now that I have my apartment all lined up, I’m officially “preparing to move”. I’ve got a stack of boxes waiting to be filled with my possessions, but since the new place is about 2 hours away, I’m starting to consider what I don’t need to take with me. To that end, I’m getting rid of A LOT of my DVD’s for anyone that might be interested. Details can be found at the Forums if you’d like to see what’s available.

Also, I’m thinking about getting rid of my bed. It’s just kind of big and heavy and I’m just lazy enough to leave it behind and just buy a new one once I get to Philly. Luckily, my parents live about 40-minutes away (from my current apartment, not from Philly) and they have a guest room that could use a new bed. And since mine is only a couple years old, it should do the job quite nicely.

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Isondill /

Awesome. I’m glad you found one. :)

It sounds good from what you said too. I’ll look forward to seeing those pictures.

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