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Cheesesteaks: Please Let It Go

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

Philadelphia REALLY needs to be known for something OTHER than cheesesteaks. Because really, it’s getting annoying.

You see, that’s all anyone mentions when I tell them I’ve moved to Philadelphia. I was on the phone turning off cable service for my old apartment when they asked me where I was moving. I said “Philadelphia”, to which the lady replied “Don’t eat too many cheesesteaks”… are you kidding me?

This wasn’t the end, oh no. Next up was a relative (I won’t say who in case they are reading this) who asked me if I had eaten any cheesesteaks yet. I mean, seriously. Of ALL the things to do in this city, why do we keep coming back to the cheesesteak? I don’t even LIKE steak, so the odds of me actually eating these things is slim to none.

So, the next time Philadelphia comes up in a conversation and you want to mention cheesesteaks, I beg of you, LET IT GO!

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tigerous /

You should try telling people you are originally from Fargo, ND sometime. When I first moved to Pittsburgh, and people asked where I was from, I would tell them Fargo, ND. Nearly everytime, without fail, they would mention the movie Fargo. One of my co-workers for awhile would always call me Fargo. It was funny at first, but got really old really fast. Luckily, it doesn’t happen much anymore, since I’ve lived here long enought that I rarely mention Fargo anymore.

Cecil /

You are obviously new in philly. I don’t know what you have heard about this fine city of mine, now yours, but to tell people in a city as passionate as this to “let go” of something that is a keystone in the keystone state is as arbitrary as telling New Yorkers to stop being rude. Philly has worked hard to be known as one of the fattest cities in America and the only way to keep this title is to use the best advertising, word of mouth! As you said there are many things to do in Philly and most involve food. Now you don’t have to partake in this tradition but if you could, please do, and when a relative or a friend from out of town comes to visit, let then know about it. How do you feel about Philly soft pretzel?

I love your website and it cool to see what someone new to the city thinks about it. The site is beautiful. I wish I was as good with CSS as you are. Keep up the fine work, I’ll be checking in from time to time.

Joshua Lane /

Oh, I’m not asking Philadelphians to let go of the cheesesteak, I’m asking everyone who ISN’T from here to let it go. I mean, if you were to tell people that you just moved to New York, would they start asking you “have you been rude to someone yet”?

I just get the impression that aside from cheesesteaks, people don’t know anything at all about Philly.

andrew /

being from the 3rd generation of my family raised in philadelphia, let me just say this: CHEESESTEAKS SUCK! granted, i’ve eaten 100s of them in my 25+ years walking the grease-stained streets of fair philadelphia, but i really don’t see what the big draw is.

in a city known for it’s artery-clogging, waistband expanding cuisine, riding the cheesteak bandwagon is a one way ticket to snoozeville when you could have a REAL italian hoagie from chickie’s (federal street between 10th and 11th,) a hot sausage and pepper or bbq’ed veal sandwich from george’s (9th between christian and carpenter,) or the world famous roast pork italian with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe from tony luke’s (front and oregon.)

to sum up my feeling on the cheesesteak, let me just say i used to be a tour guide in the historical area near the liberty bell and i was always bombarded with with questions from sweaty midewestern businessmen about “who’s got the better steak, pat’s or geno’s?” i can’t think of a more useless question and i always enjoyed the looks on their faces when i’d say: ” actually, it’s saleem and ackbar – the two pakastani gentlemen who run the lunch cart at 5th and market (they actually make AMAZING food and are super nice gents too.)” point being: there’s so much food out there that tastes great and is bad for you, so why limit yourself to something that amounts to nothing more than old grease on a semi-new roll?

Psoh /

LOL, good point. I can say I’ve not ever said or asked this idiotic question. It is interesting to note how common this problem is. Seems like once that phrase starts it grows ten fold. From what Josh has shown of his pictures of Downtown Philly it looks old school and clausterphobic to me.

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