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Birthday Heatwave

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

On Sunday, July 16th, I turned 28 years old. In addition to celebrating the fact that I’m inching closer and closer to officially being old (aka, 30); I also celebrated day 1 of the heatwave now engulfing Philadelphia (and other areas of the east coast). Here, let’s take a look at the numbers…

  • July 16th (Sun): 93°F (low 73°F)
  • July 17th (Mon): 99°F (low 75°F)
  • July 18th (Tues): 96°F (low 70°F)

On Wednesday, July 19th, it’s supposed to rain and cool us down to a much more acceptable level of discomfort… 88°F… hooray. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the summer? Sure, it’s got my birthday and that’s always fun, but I could do without the heat. The agonizingly horrendous HEAT!

Happy Birthday to me!

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wayne /

happy birthday, jmfl. oh, and as someone who turned 30 a few months ago, screw you, whippersnapper.

laurel /

Happy birthday, Josh! Did the heat keep you out of trouble on your big day? ;)

Dan Mall /

HB JMFL! Had I known it was you heating up the Philadelphia area, I would have finally figured out why I always get so flustered around you.

Joshua Lane /

Wayne: Do you get the AARP discount on movies yet?

Laurel: Nope, the Apple Martini celebration still commenced :)

Dan: Don’t fight it…

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