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Birthday, Continued…

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday… again. You see, my friend Megan’s birthday is Tuesday (the 26th) and since she came to visit, we decided to have a joint party. Nothing fancy, just some pizza, cake and ice-cream. Rob was nice enough to come over and hang out for a little bit. He even brought PRESENTS! THANKS ROB!

The others I invited over… well, they couldn’t make it …so they are dead to me. DEAD!!

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Greg /

You decided to have a joint party or a party together? Regards, Dead to You

Redheaded Slut /

Hi Joshie,
So I don’t remember, did we party together, or have a joint party? All of that cake made me blackout.

web trash 27 /

Megan Rocks! Happy Birthday today Megan :)

Bling Bling Girl /

Thanks for the present Rob!!! I’ve now become obsessed and have begun a collection. I’m thinking of entering a twelve step program for my addiction.

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