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Adventures In Shipping

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At my old apartment (in MD), I had a screened in front door. It essentially created a nice space (about 16 inches deep) where various packages could be left when I wasn’t home to sign for them. At my new apartment, there’s an enclosed entrance area to my building. It’s an even BETTER place to leave a package (and chinese take-out menus apparently), but only if you can get into the building… which is impossible without a key.

For those wondering how the chinese take-out menus get in… they’re slid under the door.

UPS and Fedex drivers don’t have a key, but USPS does as they need to get to the apartment mailboxes… which are in the same entrance area. So, if something is shipped to me via USPS, they just leave it there for me (SWEET!). If it’s shipped via UPS or Fedex, then I get the lovely “We Missed You” stickers on the front door of the building (DAMN!).

UPS is great because I can just have the package re-routed to me at work. They even have a nice little form on their website to fill out… no phone call necessary. Score one for the lazy! Of course, it sucks if the package is large and I have to carry it 7 blocks home.

Fedex, on the other hand is a total asshat. They don’t allow you to re-route the package to another address. I found this out after searching their website for 15 minutes… giving up… calling their 1-800 number… fumbling through a craptacular voice-command menu… then finally speaking to a customer service agent. After confirming my tracking ID and identification, I politely asked that my package be re-directed to me at work. “Oh, we can’t do that without the shipper’s authorization”. Uhhh… why the hell not? What do they care WHERE I receive MY package!?

To wrap things up, I had to call the company shipping me the package (which was, in case you’re stalking me and such information is important for your “Josh” scrap book). While on the phone with them, asking to have the address changed, the lady on the other line basically said “What? That’s stupid”. Yeah, we were in agreement. So, congratulations Fedex… you’re stupid. And your website sucks too.

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