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stellastarr* = SUPER RAD!

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You heard me… SUPER RAD! That’s how I describe stellastarr* (a band, for those so UNCOOL they have no idea what I’m talking about). C’mon man, get hip, get “with-it” (do air-quotes when reading that and it will make more sense).

Alright, seriously though, stellastarr* is awesome. Sasha, Chris (Sasha’s friend) and I all went to their concert last night at the TLA (theatre of living arts). I always get a little nervous when I see a band live. I’m sure you’ve experienced it… the CD is great, but they can’t perform on stage to save their lives. And thusly, your respect and admiration has been destroyed. People mention in passing “Oh, I love ______” to which you reply “they’re not very good live”. And now, you’re forced to live with this mediocre performance… forever scarring the joy you once experienced.

Luckily, as I have previously mentioned, “stellastarr* is awesome”.

The band was incredibly tight on stage, extremely energetic and put on a hell of a show. And due to their minimal catalogue of music (aka, only two CD’s released so far), they were able to play all of my favorite songs. So yeah, good times… good times.

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