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CD Review: Thornley – Come Again

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Big Wreck – In Loving Memory Of… (1997)
Big Wreck – The Pleasure and the Greed (2001)
Thornley – Come Again (2004)

Sometime after Big Wreck released their second album, lead signer/guitarist/genius Ian Thornley left the band. I’m not sure why, but I honestly don’t really care because he’s back with a new band and a new CD.


Let me briefly talk about the genius that is Ian Thornley. Imagine a man with the vocal capacity to give Chris Cornell a run for his money, guitar playing abilities that could rival some of the greats, and not to mention the fact that he writes some snappy lyrics to boot. He is a god and I praise him… yea unto thou.

Alright, let’s get to the songs. Anyone who’s familiar with the sound of Big Wreck will know what to expect from Thornley. The songs are primarily hard rock, but there’s always a great deal of melody and precision to the musical arrangements. Track 4, “The Going Rate (My Fix)”, is one of the softer arrangements on the disc (accoustic guitar), and also one of the more emotional tunes as well. Immediately following is “Keep A Good Man Down” which is probably my favorite on the whole album. It’s got a great epic melody and harmony to the chorus that gets you singing along instantly. “Beautiful” is Track 7 and I guess you could categorize it as a ballad, but that almost sounds insulting to the power and energy the song contains. Finally, there’s Track 11, “All Comes Out in the Wash”, another song that has a great melody and arrangement with a fairly straight-forward rock sound.

**** (4 stars) / out of 5

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