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CD Review: The Rasmus – Dead Letters

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

There’s nothing like a CD from a bunch of teenagers from Finland to really rejuvinate your love of rock music. And their band name, The Rasmus, is killer… doesn’t it remind you of some evil force from 80’s fantasy movies like Dark Crystal or Neverending Story?


The easiest way to describe this band is that they are sort of a cross between Bon Jovi and Metallica’s lighter/melodic side. The music is energetic, rockin’ (as the kids say these days) and all together really impressive. It’s as if their entire sound is crafted for the sole purpose of playing huge stadiums and utterly blowing the audience away. So, basically, when you listen to the CD, it helps to crank it up loud.

My favorite tracks on the album are definitely “In The Shadows”, “Time To Burn”, “F-F-Falling”, and “Not Like The Other Girls”. “In The Shadows” and “F-F-Falling” are quite radio friendly with a more pop-infused quality. While, “Time To Burn” and “Not Like Other Girls” are a little more epic and sonically sophisticated. “Not Like Other Girls” is my overall top favorite on the CD and it’s one of those songs I can put on repeat and listen to for a good hour non-stop …and I have. And you should to.

***** (5 stars) / out of 5

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Psoh /

Another band with THE title preceding name of band. What the hell is this? Relive 70’s and 80’s punk band titles?

Sorry, not to burst I’m not really interested in what todays style of recycled music. Believe me I’ve given a great deal of the new bands a shot, and I’m really disappointed with the content, whats being pandered as a hip. If for the sole purpose these folks are trying great, I won’t be involved. Not my thing, and I’m ok with that.

tigerous /

Wow, Psoh, I’m starting to wonder if there is anything you really like! Ok, so I’m probably exaggerating, but it seems like you hate most of the movies, music, and tv that comes out these days. Do you prefer the older stuff in all three genres? Just curious.

Psoh /

Hi Tigerous :)

Is there anything I like? I do yes as a matter of fact. There was a time when music had substance. There was a time you could be creative put as many different sound textures and be a mavrick at the same time. Yes these groups did pay a good hommage to the forebearers of metal and other styles. Heck I even like the old school country not this whatever they call it now. Old school rap, underground metal, old school jazz, bebop, stuff that was already done years prior that had some meaning or just art for the sake of art without all the frilly sideshows that is currently going on now with the industry.

When a band played it was for the fans, the music was always the integriel part of the response, if the band sucked the audience knew this and would reflect the outpouring of emotions.

As far as movies go yes in that regard too, because alot of whats happening now is that the industry wants flash instead of substance. Its like I woke up one day and all this splewing has overtaken the creative flux of thought or whats left of it. The whizbangy special effects of today really have taken ahold of the story rather than the story telling the images you see. Its really backwards and I’m pretty confused as to why this is the style for which young cats like. I’ve not understood the concept.

I think a good part of what has happened is the taming of the classes. Everyone wants to go back to the 60’s and 70’s and relive the heyday which is fine if your like 50 now. But young cats? Please, its not that I’m baggin on the parade here but come up with your own style, heck I may not always like the experiemental dj stuff coming out which is mostly underground but hey its different. Strike out on your own make a name that doesn’t sound like something else, or for that matter cliche ridden.

Tv? Yes I dislike a great deal of whats pandered now as entertainment. You probabely remember a great few years back about how the Parents Resource Center was complaining about violence on TV, and how the portions of programming where damaging to young children. They instituted this tv rating system during the Clinton Admin, and figured since that would shut up the populace’s religious sectors, or perhaps the more inconsistent of the groups I may add. Anyway the whole premise of shows got so ludicris that everyone started jumping on the idea that TV show ideas were long gone. Friends was the last show that really was a mucky muck idea and hey what a way to cast 40 something actors to play 30 year olds, and have things like inconsequential things going on. I was way to young to watch stuff like All in the Family, or a great deal of the 70’s shows. The 80’s were spotty and the 90’s you might as well forget about it. I wasn’t really raised on TV so what I did see was limited and I often didn’t like it. I think perhaps the overt advertising and how that is subjective all the time.

Perhaps I’m more aware of the changes than most. I seem to take notice of the little things happening behind the camera so to speak. I’ve seen pretty much the change taking place since mid 90’s. Now the industry is going for a more visualy appeasing style rather than focusing in on thinking for yourself, empowering oneself out of the degradation, and what happened to focusing on the issues that plague a generation? Even those great words are unheeded and go ignored. So in a sense I’m a product of two time periods. On one hand I see the benefits of tomorrow, but I also see the conflicts of yesterday. Heck I may not even be making sense here, but this is what I believe and have stuck with. I have to be somewhat consistent…

tigerous /

Nah, I get what your saying. Actually, I probably agree with much more of what you say than it seems like. Although, I do every now and then, like to do or watch something that is completely mindless. After all, thinking all the time can get depressing now and then, especially when you start thinking about certain topics. In any case, I noticed you mentioned the complaints about violence in TV. I’ve been ranting about the idiotic statements people make about violence in the media (not just TV) for days now. It’s one of those topics that really inflames me. In any case, thanks for the answer. Hope my question didn’t offend you.

Psoh /

You didn’t offend in any way. I like to talk about stuff. Even the stuff the most feel I’ve become this bitter old man with. Which in itself is unfair. I like music, movies, and some TV stuff, but not what it has become now. Then there were some cool things, now its lacking in a great deal of originality, substance, and cohesive players. Its sad to see where things have gone especially in the business. P.C. all over like mad as well.

I’ve not ever really been on the wave of the next big thing, I usually just ride the bottom coattails and be done with the adventure. Like the rat said to the cat, I may as well enjoy the journey before getting eatin.

Oh that was such a bad one…shoot me later. I just woke up.

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