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CD Review: Spartan Fidelity – Excava-11

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For those unaware, the band Remy Zero broke up a short while ago. Their biggest claim to fame probably being the theme song, “Save Me” from Smallville. Anyways, the driving forces behind the band, Cinjun and Shelby Tate, have struck out on their own (as “Spartan Fidelity”) and recently released their first creation, Excava-11. Don’t ask me what the album title means, I have no idea.


Now, before I being, let me just say that I loved Remy Zero and consider their album, Villa Elaine, one of my all-time favorite CD’s. Spartan Fidelity is similar, naturally, but is definitely more artistic and creative it seems. Track 3, Pinpoint, Track 10, Locust, and Track 12, 2nd Sun (all favorites of mine) are definitely examples of this. Their musical arrangements are a little more inspired and free-form, rather than tight and produced. It’s different, but definitely in a good way.

Overall, the disc is haunting, emotional, abstract, beautiful, and ultimately an enjoyable listen. Remy Zero may no longer be around, but I’m certainly glad Spartan Fidelity is taking it’s place.

**** (4 stars) / out of 5

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