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CD Review: Metric – Old World Underground

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I saw this band a couple months ago at the 9:30 club in DC. They were opening up for a group called “South” and I really had no idea what either group sounded like. It was a total crap shoot, but DEFINITELY worth it in the end.


The best way to sum up the band “Metric” is to describe them as an upbeat/quirky rock group. Their guitar riffs are excellent, but very distinct with each one having it’s own personality. The band is also very quirky with songs like “Succexy”, but the lyrics are intelligent as well. They’ve got a punk edge, but fall mainly in the alternative/rock category. Their lead singer is also great and not only does she sing the songs on stage, she performs them as well.

Imagine “Garbage”, but more raw and quirky without the electronic production elements and that’s about what Metric sounds like. Anyways, on the strength of their live performance, I bought the CD and have been quite happy with my purchase.

**** (4 stars) / out of 5

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