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CD Review: Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

Goldfrapp is a mixture of melancholy, industrial, techno and hauntingly sexy female vocals that I just simply adore.


I originally came across this CD after purchasing a disc by Emiliana Torrini (she sings “Gollum’s Song” at the end of LOTR: Two Towers) from Amazon. In the “Customers who bought this title also bought:” section, I noticed some of the artists were Frou Frou (a favorite of mine) and Hooverphonic (another favorite). Also listed was “Goldfrapp” so I decided to check out some of the sound clips Amazon provides. I was intrigued and took an immediate liking to track 2, “Train”. However, it wasn’t until I heard a snippet of track 8, “Strict Machine” on iTunes that I was finally sold.

The CD, overall, is very solid with a nice range of songs to keep you entertained and interested. My favorites on the album are “Strict Machine” of course, as well as track 6, “Hairy Trees”, which, despite it’s odd name, is a very soft and beautiful song. I also enjoy “Train” and “Twist” (track 7) a great deal and since that’s four instances of musical splendor, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

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Foxfire /

Definitely track down Goldfrapp’s first album Felt Mountain, though it has a distinctly different flavor that Black Cherry it is worth the buy.

Joshua Lane /

I’m hoping to pick up “Felt Mountain” tomorrow at Best Buy if they have it.

InsaneJane /

Goldfrapp is one of the most amazing bands i have heard in a damn long time, strict machine blows me apart, and crystaline green is not far behind.

InsaneJane /

Ok i posted before my brain processed if you enjoyed goldfrapp you might also look at Robots in Disguise, they also brilliant

Joshua Lane /

I’ve heard of Robots in Disguise before… isn’t one of the Sneaker Pimps involved in it?

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