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CD Review: Ben Jelen – Give It All Away

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I like Pop music. HOWEVER, only if it’s not saccharin pop and has some style and substance to it. “Give It All Away” by the fresh-faced Ben Jelen has style and substance (he uses a lot of piano in his songs) and I’ve been enjoying this disc quite a bit lately.


I think the best way to describe Jelen’s music is to say that it sounds similar to Vanessa Carlton, but obviously male and with a softer voice and harmony. My favorite tracks on the album are 1. Come On, 2. Rocks, 4. Give It All Away, and 5. Every Step. That last track, Every Step, is slowly emerging as my overall favorite, with an up-temp beat that could work wonders while driving. Track #2, Rocks, is what got me to purchase the album though. The song had an epic quality to it that drew me in immediately… soaring vocals, lyrical story-telling …good stuff all around.

**** (4 stars) / out of 5

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