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CD Review: Anna Nalick – Wreck of the Day

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

Anna Nalick – Wreck of the Day
List Price: $12.98
Audio CD (January 25, 2005)
Label: Sony


1. Breathe (2 AM)
2. Citadel
3. Paper Bag
4. Wreck Of The Day
5. Satellite
6. Forever Love (Digame)
7. In The Rough
8. In My Head
9. Bleed
10. Catalyst
11. Consider This

Just the other day I received a “sampler” disc for this album, which sadly only contains the first five tracks. However, let me first just say how nice it’s been to get a good flood of female singer/songwriters lately. It seems like a lot of these young women have really been inspired by the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Dido, Alanis Morissette, etc, and Anna Nalick is no exception. Her sound is fairly generic, female singer with a bit of an alternative edge, but still firmly planted in the “pop” world. Occassionally, though, I hear brief glimpses of some Fiona Apple-esque styling.

As for the songs presented here (on the sampler), they are pretty good… especially considering this is her first major CD release. The first track, Breathe (2 A.M.) is the first single and pretty decent… exactly what you would expect … good hook, average lyrics, etc. And for those curious, it’s currently the free song of the week on iTunes, so you can check it out there if you like. The next two songs, Citadel and Satellite, are (in my opinion) actually better than the first. Anna’s singing is more impressive and the musical arrangements of the songs are more original and interesting. Track 4, Paper Bag, sadly is fairly forgettable. However, things bounce back with the final song and title track from the album due out in January, Wreck of the Day. It’s a slower track and given that, it comes across much more personal and intimate. A nice ending to a nice sampler.

At this point, I have to say, I’m interested to know what the rest of the album sounds like. If there’s one or two more tracks that really impress me, I would probably buy it.

Overall: *** (3 stars out of 5)

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Anonymous /

I first got hooked on Anna Nalick when her single “Breathe” came out. I heard it on the radio, and instantly I bought it on iTunes. Then, I listened to 30 second clips of each of the songs on her CD, and was quite impressed. I was counting down the days until the CD’s release. The minute I got home, I bought the other 10 songs on iTunes. As I listened to each song in full, I was impressed by the lyrics (which I find to be moving and meaninful), but the songs, overall, disappointed me. The clips that I’d heard online were clearly the best parts of the songs. There are some awkward rhythms and melodies in a few of the tracks on the CD, which really takes away from the wonderful lyrics. I still reccommend her music, but I really recommend that listeners pay attention to the lyrics, the best part of her music. Anna Nalick is clearly a talented writer and poet, but her music composition could take some work.

joe /

this breathe chorus is inspired and inspiring.

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