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CD Review: Alanis Morissette – So Called Chaos

Joshua Lane / / 7 Comments

I’m a big Alanis Morissette fan so picking up her new CD was a no brainer for me. You’ve probably heard the new single, Everything, on the radio and you may have even seen the video on MTV or VH1. The song is a good pop tune with some nice/calm lyrics that exhibit a maturity of sorts for Alanis. She seems to have moved past some of the angst and edge that her previous CD’s have displayed.


That’s kind of my problem with this new album. I kept hoping for something emotionally charged and awe-inspiring… something that would keep me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. And while a couple of songs come close (Excuses and Spineless), I was hoping for a little more.

That being said, there are some great songs on this album and I’ve enjoyed listening to it the past couple of days. My favorite track is #3, Excuses, probably because it comes closest to the edgy/angsty Alanis I’ve enjoyed over the years. Her single, Everything, is also a favorite and I like track #9, Spineless, quite a bit too.

*** (3 stars) / out of 5

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Taleeya /

I guess you wouldn’t like any of her early 90’s stuff. ;)

“Always too hot, never too cold! You make your best shot too hot to hold! Never too young, never too old, ya gotta go for gold!”

Joshua Lane /

You mean the teen-pop stuff she did in Canada? I actually have a CD of hers from that… it’s …interesting stuff.

Psoh /

Alanis is good for folks who like Alanis. I prefer another
band from her locale, DBC which aren’t together
anymore. Great Canadian musicians you don’t hear
much about because of the American saturation.

Taleeya /

If you can find it somewhere you should check out the video, its kinda funny,

Psoh: Its weird, alot of Canadian singer/bands that go big in the US are often not as popular as other ones that never play down there. A friend of mine moved to San Diego, and he said when Nickelback came on the radio, the DJ announced them as being a local group.

Psoh /

Nickelback a local band from San Diego? LOL, oh
that’s funny. Thats the problem with alot of bands now
so many sound like one another. I’m not saying this to
be mean or rude, its a fact. When a specific label has a
sound in mind they try to capitalize on that. Alice in
Chains, and Nirvana come to mind, oh and Pearl Jam.

What do you think of Barenaked Ladies T?

Taleeya /

Actually my point was alot of Canadian bands are told to say they are from the US since most americans prefer to go american.

I liked bare naked ladies about 10 years ago (oh god, maybe it was even longer than that?!) when they had their funny songs like if I had a million dollars and enid and yuko ono. I just don’t find their songs as well written and fun as they used to be (another postcard from chimpanzees?). oh well just my humble opinion tho.

Psoh /

I think its something called age. When a band is around
for awhile they get all their funky kinks out, and then as
Jello Biafra puts it “We’re not rock stars, we are adults”
which means even Metallica lost its groove to.

What is pandered as good music is what I call whinny,
complaining, boo hoo music. I’d say some thing else
but…I want to be a gentlemen.

I know three bands from Vancouver B.C., Frontline
Assembly, Delerium, Flybanger/Jarr, Barenaked Ladies,
and even that horrible band Nickelback. I’m familar with
some of Canada’s music, problem is no one stateside
plays enough to be heard. Hell I got tired of Bryan
Adams, Rush, Corky and the Juice Pigs. I find the
strangest things…when I’m not looking.

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