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Working in Philly

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

I’ve already talked a bit about my moving to Philly, now I’d like to share a little about where I’m working in Philly.

On Monday, April 4th, I started a job as a Web Designer/Strategist for Pixelworthy.


Pixelworthy exists to design and market user-centered, highly accessible and engaging web sites on tight budgets.

Althought I’ve only been at it for a couple weeks, I’m LOVING the work so far. It’s great to find a job where you can say “yeah, I could do this for the rest of my life”. I just love web design… creating sites from scratch, redesigning existing ones… it’s not really “work” for me… it’s just fun.

Also, if you know of anyone who’s in the market for assistance with their next web project, send them our way.

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Kevin /

Yeah, I feel the same way. Although, I don’t see any profitable work in Plainview, TX. Started a web design business on the side, but that’s about it. At any rate, cool site.

Peter G. /


I remember commenting on this when you were posting on the Stylegala forums. Glad to see you made it onto CSS Beauty. Well deserved. So you like the job? It’s great to hear people getting paid for doing what they love. Now that’s making a living. Oh and by the way, the footer came out good. Did you make it a bit smaller than it was originally or is it just me?

Joshua Lane /

Hi Peter. Yeah, I did make the footer a bit smaller. I think in the original version I had the footer as big as the header for the sake of “balance”. The problem was that it was jutting out too far into the content, so I chopped it down a bit.

Peter G. /

Thought so. Also, I really like your background pinstripe.

Joshua Lane /

Thanks! Originally I just had a plain background, but after glancing at a pair of pants I own, I was inspired to create the pinstripe. It really helped add some depth and texture to the design.

It’s funny how background images were all the rage in the mid-90’s, but then became really annoying. Now, they’re making a return… albeit a little more subdued than before.

Matt Johnson /


I remember commenting on this when you were posting on the Stylegala forums.”

Thats where I’ve seen this before!

I was like “Damn I’ve seen this before, and I remembering giving some feedback to it on a forum too..hmm”

Very nice. Love what you did with the navigation too!

I hope I find a webdesign job like that.

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