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WordPress Theme Coming Soon

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

About a year ago, I mentioned that I was going to turn an old design into a WordPress Theme. Unfortunately (as these sorts of things go), I never had much time to devote to the project. Well, as luck would have it, I had some time this past weekend to get a little work done on modifying the design. You can see the thumbnail here in the post, but feel free to click on it to get the full image.

thumb_bliss-theme.jpg I’ve made some basic modifications to the layout, mostly to accommodate how WordPress functions. What I’ve also done is setup the design so that the three primary color schemes (red, blue, green) are all just different opacities of the same color. So, for example, if you wanted to customize your theme with Red/Black/Green, no problem… you edit three lines of CSS and all of the shades change accordingly.

And how does a liquid layout sound?

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Patricia /

I hate to be so girly about it but … Pretty! Gonna go draw some hearts or something now. Might as well stay in the moment.

Lori /

Nice theme :) That’s great about the easy css color changes. A liquid layout sounds like a nice option too.

I really like the design of this site ( The layout, the colors, the graphics, the archive page design, etc. One of the nicest wordpress themes i’ve seen.

kartooner /

Liquid, sure why not? :) How about a semi-malleable theme?

Val /

I am eagerly anticipating the release of this pretty, pretty theme. *Squee!*

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