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What I Did In San Francisco

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Day 1 (Tuesday):

My flight departed from Philadelphia at 6:30pm and arrived in San Francisco at 9:30pm (3hr time difference factored in). Then, I took a cab over to my friend’s apartment. We visited for a couple hours, then crashed. Exciting, huh?

Day 2 (Wednesday):

The Blog Business Summit didn’t begin until 1pm, so I slept in this morning… which was nice after a long day of travelling. Later that evening, we all went to dinner at a nice italian place, then went back to the apt and hung out.

Day 3 (Thursday):

The first full day of the conference was here and it was pretty good stuff. Half of it I already knew, but the other half was interesting and informative. Afterwords, Microsoft sponsored a rather lame reception for all the attendees. The food wasn’t that great and the “bar” was nothing more than a small table with a limited drink selection. I did, however, meet a few people, Scrivs and Mike being a couple notable examples.

Day 4 (Friday):

I was most anticipating this day of the conference, mainly for the “Buidling a Blog Network” panel. It was interesting to hear the different approaches each network has taken. Scrivs was on the panel and I went and chatted with him (and Mike, who was sitting in the front row) a little bit after it was done. They’re solid guys and really friendly. Definitely a highlight of the conference to talk to them.

Oddly enough, we didn’t do anything Friday night besides order pizza and watch a movie. It was actually pretty nice considering how exhausting the week had been.

Day 5 (Saturday):

This was our day to explore a little bit of the city and our first stop was Union Square. We were only there for aout 30 minutes, because my friends just had to return some clothing to a store. Next stop was Haight street… as in Haight/Ashbury …I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It reminded me a lot of South Street here in Philadelphia, just cleaner and with less Starbucks. There were a lot of neat little clothing/shoe/accessory stores, with the occassional chain store thrown in.

Later that night, we again opted to stay in and do nothing. We watched Secret Window (starring Mr. Depp) and just hung out. This too, was nice as I wasn’t so much in the mood to go out.

Day 6 (Sunday):

My final day in San Francisco was here, but my flight didn’t leave until 10:30pm, so we went over to The Universe Within exhibit. It was about five or six blocks away at the Nob Hill Masonic Center. Aside from the creepy fact that everything shown in the exhibit was dead bodies, it was really cool. The most interesting part was that they had a full cardiovascular system from a human body. They also had a full human body cut into horizontal slices. Again, a little creepy, but very fascinating.

Day 7 (Monday):

My flight left at 10:30pm San Francisco time, which meant that it was 1:30am Philadelphia time. It was a horrible flight because 1) it was the red-eye; 2) the guy in front of me reclined his seat so far back that I couldn’t fit my legs comfortably; and 3) I got sick about 45minutes before the plane landed. Yeah, good times all around. After I got home, I unpacked a little, then crashed for the rest of the day… didn’t even wake up until 6:30 that evening.

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Taleeya /

I read about that exhibit…. Its pretty creepy, but mostly I am against it as the people donated their bodies for science or research.. not some type of art display.

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