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Welcome to BlissfullyAware!

Joshua Lane / / 8 Comments

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the obligatory “wecome” post is there? I think not.

That being said, I’m going to assume a number of you are coming to this blog from my website. If that’s the case, don’t fret, I still plan to write about Philly-related topics and events. You might have noticed the “Philadelphia” menu choice here on the site… yep, that’s where all those topics will be going from now on. You’ll also notice some other categories as well. I’m branching out! Join me, won’t you?

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Rob Weychert /

Congrats on the new site, Josh; it looks great!

michael /

congrats doGG, heres to many years of heightening web awareness in your new home…!

Joshua Lane /

Thanks Rob, Michael and James! I’m pretty happy with it too :)

Chris /

Excellent color choices. Great work with the design and implementation.

kartooner /

Late to the party, but, it’s extremely pleasant on the eyes. :) Makes me want to open a saloon or something.

Klaus /

Damn, that’s what a blog is made for. And finally someone in good old germany found it. Joshua, that’s a benchmark for a lot of people and a good curse against eyecancer which spreads around the net.

carry on.

best wishes, klaus

Tony Reckmeyer Your Uncle /

Hey there Bro,

Thought I would drop a line. Haven’t heard from you in while. Just checking in… All is well with me and Lisa. Take Care, Tony :o)

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