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Urban Outfitters: A Recap

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

In the grandest of ironies, today is the start of “week 4” for me at Urban Outfitters. Except I’m home sick and missing this (kinda) monumental day. However, being home sick is allowing me to write this post! So, enjoy my fever-induced rambling.

Thus far, the job has been a bit of an adjustment… getting used to a new team, new environment, new process, new responsibilities, etc. The team is great and I’m starting to get to know everyone, which has definitely made the transition easier. On the environment front, the office space is very loft-esque (wood, metal, glass, etc)… pretty swanky (I’ll see if I can take some photos and post them). The process at Urban is a little different than I’m used to. We aren’t beholden to client milestones and the like, but we do still have due dates and what not. And the responsibilities I have at the new job are less design-specific and more User Experience-specific. It’s a challenge at times, but that’s part of what drew me to the position – a chance to branch out and do something a little bit different.

What to expect in the coming months? Well, a complete rewrite of the HTML/CSS is a big priority on my list. Ultimately I want to get the UO website to a place where each and every redesign (happens per season) is accomplished merely by editing a CSS file. That means the entire site has to be extremely flexible and modular. It’s going to be tough, but I’m really looking forward to it.

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kartooner /

All I can say is good luck and really, with you on their team they are lucky to have you.

UO’s site does need an overhaul and I’m glad to see you (along with others) will be responsible for that.

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