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Uptime, Downtime, Gap Time – Part II

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As a follow up to the saga of, and going offline a few days ago… I would just like to share that the sites are now back online. And sporting a fancy standards-based coat of paint no less!

Granted, there are a few errors here and there and the html doesn’t pass the W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium) validation, but some wonderful new features have been added that should add greatly to a user’s experience. Some of these features (“Quick Look” and shopping cart enhancements) probably would have been better served with Ajax, as opposed to simple javascript. But, overall, this is a big step forward for web standards.

As more and more “mainstream” sites (ESPN, Chevrolet, AT&T,, etc) move to CSS/XHTML, the easier it becomes for us (as web developers) to convince others to do the same.

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