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TryJuly Business Card

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TryJuly Business Card

I met A LOT of folks at SXSW this year (recap coming soon) and also handed out A LOT of business cards for TryJuly, my new web design / development consultancy… aka, freelance services.

But, for those of you I did not meet and/or did not give a card to, feel free to fill out your address on the contact form and I’ll send you one. If you could, put “Business Cards” in the subject field. And if you’d like to send me your card in return, that would be awesome! Weren’t at SXSW, but still want a card? No problem, I’ll send you one too. Free cards for everybody!

I used Liz&Niff for the printing of the cards and wholeheartedly recommend them if you’re looking to get some done. If you’re looking to get some web design and/or development done, perhaps you’ll consider TryJuly?

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