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The Umbrella Gets An Upgrade

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First it was the Pill Bottle, now it’s the Umbrella.

Young designer Andy Wana has won the GOLD 2005 Australian Design Award-Dyson Student Award, by reengineering the humble umbrella, creating a significantly different take on the umbrella than anything seen before. Wana’s design overcomes several of the design weaknesses of the traditional umbrella. ‘Lotus 23’ is a fully retractable umbrella, folding into a low profile handle. Built with flexible ribs that flow with the wind, it is more durable than conventional designs allowing it to withstand severe storms, provide increased shade and self clean meaning that it squeezes the water off before you enter a building. It’s also cheaper to manufacture.

I wonder what’s next …the lamp? …or perhaps the broom? Either way, it goes to show you that just because it works, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t work better.

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