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The Format of This Site

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

When creating this site, one of the first things I thought about was the format. How should I position everything? Should I have two columns or three? Should I stick with 800×600 or go wide to 1024×768? What about color schemes and fonts?

  • Going Wide
    One of the reasons I decided to go wide was because of Bearskinrug. I really enjoy the way Kevin presents his content, and wanted to do something similar.
  • Less is More
    Instead of using the extra width to pack in more features/articles/etc, I went the other way and decided on no scrolling for the home page. That meant ONE full post and only a few links/excerpts to previous articles. And on “photo-only” days, the site mimics a typical photo-blog layout… a format I’m quite fond of.
  • The “Look”
    The things that define my style right now are large blocks of color and thick borders to frame a site. They obviously come through on this design, but some heavy decorative pieces also get introduced. A big thanks goes to Jason Santa Maria for pushing me on the logo and Rob Weychert, Dan Mall and Kevin Cornell for setting great examples with decorative elements and typography.

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Dan Mall /

Well done, Josh! This is a really nice evolution of your style. Xara X should be proud that you’re using it.

Veracon /

Very nice job indeed. The only ‘complaint’ would have to be the large number of div(ision) tags. I think if it wasn’t for those, I’d have immediately added it to css thesis (which you submitted it to).

Joshua Lane /

Thanks Veracon! In my defense, a number of sites listed at CSS thesis have more divs than I do. At my max, I count only 15 divs.

Lou /

What is with this fad of “grandma’s underwear” pattern lately? I enjoy the color palette but I don’t think I am alone when I say this grandma’s underwear (mainly full-seaters) pattern is just getting stale.

BigA /

Well, you’ve certainly got some great role models there and it’s clearly paid off. Nice job.

Veracon /

Sat down and considered it a bit… Thought “What the heck.” Consider yourself css thesis’d. :)

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