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SXSW Panel Proposal

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I come before you as a simple man… a simple man wishing only that you’ll consider voting for my SXSW Panel Submission

Examining the Different Ways We Can Work

Freelance vs full-time? In-house vs agency? On-site vs remote? Team vs solo? A panel of designers and developers will discuss the different ways we (as professionals) are able to work; and the pros/cons of each. What works? What doesn’t? And why?

And have I mentioned that one of the few things I wish to accomplish before I die turn 30, is to speak at another conference? It’s true! And you can make that dream a reality, internet.

In all seriousness, though, I think it’s going to be a great panel. I already have some wonderful individuals in mind for it, and know that we’ll do a fantastic job.

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