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SXSW Here I Come

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Saturday, March 11th

  • 10:00AM Traditional Design and New Technology (17AB)
  • 11:30AM How to Be A Web Design Superhero (18ABC)
  • 11:30AM We Got Naked, Now What? (16AB)
  • 02:00PM Jim Coudal / Jason Fried Opening Remarks (18ABCD)
  • 03:30PM Choosing the Right Design Partner (16AB)
  • 05:00PM Starting Small: Web Business for the Rest of Us (Ballroom E)
  • 10:30PM South by Northwest (Iron Cactus – 6th and Trinity)

Sunday, March 12th

  • 10:00AM Design and Social Responsibilty (Ballroom E)
  • 11:30AM Increasing Women’s Visibility on the Web: Whose Butt Should We Be Kicking? (16AB)
  • 02:00PM Keynote Conversation: Heather Armstrong / Jason Kottke (18ABCD)
  • 03:30PM Running Your New Media Business (Ballroom E)
  • 03:30PM DIY Now More Than Ever (18ABC)
  • 05:00PM Holistic Web Design: Finding the Creative Balance in Multi-Disciplined Teams (18ABC)
  • 06:00PM SXSW Web Awards Ceremony Pre-Party (Brush Square Park – just across 4th St from Austin Convention Center)
  • 07:30PM SXSW Web Awards Ceremony (Grande Austin Ballroom)
  • 09:30PM SXSW Web Awards After Party (Club de Ville – 900 Red River St)

Monday, March 13th

  • 10:00AM Cluetrain: Seven Years Later (17AB)
  • 11:30AM Building Buzz for Your Web Project (18ABC)
  • 11:30AM Does Your Blog Have a Business? (16AB)
  • 02:00PM Craig Newmark Keynote Interview (18ABCD)
  • 03:30PM Creative Subplot: The Viral Edition (18D)
  • 05:00PM Design Eye for the List Guy (18ABC)
  • 08:00PM Avalonstar Bowling Extravaganza (Texas Union Underground – 2247 Guadalupe Street)

Tuesday, March 14th

  • 10:00AM How to Convince Your Company to Embrace Standards (18ABC)
  • 11:30AM The Future of Radio (17AB)
  • 02:00PM Burnie Burns Keynote (18ABCD)
  • 03:30PM Consumer is the Producer: DIY Media (15)
  • 05:00PM Cashing In Or Selling Out: The Future of the Independent Web (17AB)
  • 05:00PM Bruce Sterling Presentation: The State of the World (18ABC)
  • 08:00PM Media Temple SXSW Closing Party (The Foundation – 307 W 5th St)

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Joshua Lane /

I’m still a little undecided on a couple of the panels, but that’s a good problem to have I think. Also, if you’re going to be at SXSW and want to meetup for some coffee and/or witty bantor, just keep a look out for this guy…

Joshua Lane

Joshua Lane

Yes, I can touch my nose with my tongue… it’s an ancient skill passed down through my family for generations.

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