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SXSW 2006 – Day 4

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments
  • 10:00AM How to Convince Your Company to Embrace Standards
  • 11:30AM The Future of Radio
  • 02:00PM Burnie Burns Keynote
  • 03:30PM Consumer is the Producer: DIY Media
  • 05:00PM Cashing In Or Selling Out: The Future of the Independent Web
    The final day of SXSW was actually a fairly uneventful one as far as the panels were concerned. It almost seemed like “Design Eye for the List Guy” served as the big finale.
  • 08:00PM Media Temple SXSW Closing Party
    What a way to end a great trip. Apple Martinis flowed and I got to chat with D. Keith Robinson a bit (super nice guy). The pinnacle of the evening (and conference), however, goes to the lovely Laurel and Angelsea. Meeting those two was a blast and a half. It couldn’t have been a nicer way to end my very first SXSW experience.

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laurel /

To be fair, I think the combination of your and Gels’ hair *in the same room* was responsible for the extra ‘half’ of blast ;)

angelsea /

josh, you are *too* cool! i had SUCH a blast at that party, and so glad to have met you. Definitely, a great way to end SXSW. BTW, your site design is totally rad, and you have some really amazing photos – Jason Santa Maria can eat your dust! :P talk to yah soon – gels

Anonymous Pixelworthy Comment /

Jason Santa Maria is too busy eating grass and other non-meat items. Josh’s dust smells like Josh dust. No one will eat that noise.

Keith /

Was great to meet you man. Wish I had more time to chat. Next year eh?

nick /

Hey Guess what. Josh Dust is sitting right next to me. seriously, this isnt a joke. we are in 6th hour geo econ. just so you know

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