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SXSW 2006 – Day 2

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments
  • 09:00AM Coffee with Mark Bixby
    I had a nice morning meetup with Mark Bixby at a local coffee shop. Congrats on 4th place in the EE shootout!
  • 10:00AM Design and Social Responsibilty
    This was a pretty broad panel that had some good points and arguments put forth. However, it was more or less an overview and they didn’t get into specifics as much as I would have liked.
  • 11:30AM Increasing Women’s Visibility on the Web
    Skipped this panel to go have an early lunch with Jason Santa Maria, Mark Boulton and Dan Mall.
  • 02:00PM Keynote Conversation: Heather Armstrong / Jason Kottke
    Heather Armstrong is a treat to listen to… Kottke on the other hand bores me a little bit. Do you think it’s because I don’t read his blog?
  • 03:30PM DIY Now More Than Ever
    Another skipped panel… this time I ran into Rob Weychert and his smoothie. We took a break and sat down in the hall with Khoi Vinh, Dave Shea, Andy Clarke and a lovely woman named “MJ” who hijacked my computer for about 30 minutes. There were some other folks whose names I can’t remember.
  • 05:00PM Holistic Web Design
    A REALLY well done panel by some super talented folks. So far, I’d say this was my favorite of the conference. Although, the “holistic” part didn’t come through as much as it could have.
  • 06:00PM SXSW Web Awards Ceremony Pre-Party
    I ran into Liz from the AIGA and we chatted a bit with some fellow Pixelworthians (…I had met her previously at An Event Apart, but I don’t think she remembered). Oddly enough, she looks very similar to a college friend of mine who’s ALSO named Liz.
  • 07:30PM SXSW Web Awards Ceremony
    Congratu-f’n-lations to Michael McAghon (a fellow Pixelworthian) for taking home the CSS award for the Kutztown University: Communication Design Department website.
  • 09:30PM SXSW Web Awards After Party
    Oh man… yeah… Greg Storey (wonder twin wallet powers, ACTIVATE!), Ryan Brill (a true pleasure to meet/chat with you), Shaun Inman (you want a piece of me!?). There were some others I met, but didn’t get a chance to talk with much (Cameron, Eris, Jeff and more whose names I don’t remember).

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Ryan Brill /

The pleasure was all mine. It was nice to finally meet you. I’ve been having such an excellent time meeting everyone here at SXSW.

Mark /

Josh it was awesome meeting you. Your site design is fantastic. Great color scheme and typography. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

Also, I can’t believe all that stuff you told me about Jason! OH MAN, like when he… wait, he doesn’t read your blog does he? :D

Thanks again!

Shaun Inman /

“I hear you steppin’ but you’re not gettin’ any closer.” That’s right, I talk ghetto after a few Rusty Nails!

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