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Secondarily Dugg

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Just last week, my (retired) blog was featured in a Top 20 Blog Designs Part 2 post. Now, by itself, this isn’t really that big of a deal. NewInPhilly has been featured on a number of design galleries and “top” lists, so having it show up on another isn’t something that causes me any great deal of surprise. It’s flattering, of course, but not entirely unexpected.

That being said, when the blog post featuring my site gets dugg… well, that’s a little different. Because that means a lot of folks are now checking out my site. By my calculations (I don’t have precise traffic stats), received about 3,000 extra visitors on Thursday, July 7th and another 3,000 on Friday, July 8th. Of those 6,000 or so extra people… only a little more than 1,000 made it over to Not a bad figure, but nothing overwhelming either. Of those 1,000 or so extra people coming here… only a small fraction have actually stuck around. I’ve got a few more RSS subscribers and I noticed a few more incoming links from, but that’s about it.

So, I guess it begs the question… does any of this really matter? Probably not, but as I inch closer and closer to being “known” on these here internets, it’s a nice little milestone to look back on. I can now say that I was “secondarily dugg”. Hot!

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