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Pudding Wrestling

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

Now that my blog has been online for a little over a month, I’ve started to see some interesting search results come my way. For example, if you do a search for Philadelphia Skyline, my photo entry shows up as the #1 result on MSN. A search for Tattooed Moms (a local Philly bar) brings me up at #8 on MSN, while Photos of Black Water (apparently some sort of natural phenomenon or something) lands me at #3. And last, but not least, a search for Choosing the Right Color Clothing gets me the #1 spot on MSN. They must love me over there!

You’re probably asking yourself, “who uses MSN search?” I honestly don’t know. But at LEAST 9 or 10 people do, because they’ve all landed on my site thanks to searches on the afformentioned phrases.

Now let’s get to some good ones… it’s Google time! First up is a search on the word Blissfully, where I land in the #2 spot on Google… wait, TWO!? Searching for SXSW Mark Boulton gets me the #8 position for my writeup on the 1st Day of SXSW (where he gets mentioned a few times). By far my favorite of them all is a search for Pudding Wrestling 2006. That gets me the #1 entry on Google. A big thanks goes to Kevin for mentioning “pudding wrestling” in my comments, and then Dan for continuing the theme. Without you two this never would have been possible… dreams DO come true!

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Nathan Smith /

You big ego surfer, you. It is sort of odd what people search for, and how that leads to one’s site.

bearskinrug /

Well Josh, prepare from me to continue the magic:

“Shoulder Pads Make Me Look Stronger”

“Shaved Farm Animals”

And this one worked like a charm on my site


The Colonel /

We get our fair share of odd searches over at Slantmouth…
Favorites, you ask?
“Spontaneous combustion during heart surgery” comes up #2 on Google. The other notable quotable, unfortunately, involves someone with 2 current US Vice Presidents in their mouth. Yikes.

Jared Christensen /

I get the occasional sicko searching for “human euthanization” thanks to an article I once wrote about putting my pet to sleep. I can’t beat “pudding wrestling”, though. Will it help solidify your ranking if I mention it again? PUDDING WRESTLING. ;)

Joshua Lane /

HAHAHA, I just checked my search results for just “pudding wrestling” (no 2006) in Google and I’m on the first page (#8 as of this post). Originally I was on page 4 or 5 I think.

Thanks for the support Jared!

Joshua Lane /

This post is getting tons of spam now, so I’ve closed comments… sorry :(

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