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Pixelworthy’s End

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

Believe it or not, Pixelworthy has ended. Sure the website might still be up, but the company as a whole really doesn’t exist anymore. Then again, some might say it never really existed as a “company” to begin with… it was a “division” of Electronic Ink. Regardless, that division has recently been rolled back into the parent organization. All the desks have been cleared and the computers moved back downstairs to Eink. Some of us made the move downstairs as well best aus online casino (such as myself), while others did not (rock on HCP!).

211358288_12db1c737b_t.jpg “What happened” you ask? Well, a lot of things. The more exciting highlights include the first ever An Event Apart that Pixelworthy helped sponsor… and I can’t leave out SXSWi 2006! We also did some kickass design work for Decibel Magazine, Parc Rittenhouse, Please Touch Museum, and my own favorite, Angiebrown (yes, I designed that one ;).

So, what does the future hold? Well, as mentioned, I made the move downstairs to Electronic Ink and am still working on some great standards-based websites (one should be launching soon). And any amount of time spent with Tim Crowe is certainly an experience to remember. That being said, I’d like to toast all the great things Pixelworthy accomplished during its time… CHEERS!

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bearskinrug /

It will live on forever in our hearts! And in our Pixelworthy bumper stickers.

Tim /

I didn’t get my bumper sticker. I feel totally ripped off.

Heather /

Oh NO! What happened to the mug pyramid?!?!?! Don’t tell me…. they’re being used to DRINK out of. (sob)

Joshua Lane /

Don’t worry Heather, it’s still there… just very lonely :(

Tim /

Still Standing methinks.

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