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Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

A website I’ve been working on for the past few months has finally gone live and I’m rather happy with how it came out. I had a hand in just about every facet of this project, but was primarily responsible for the design and front-end development. I did some IA and PHP scripting as well, but all of the more difficult PHP work (and hacking of Expression Engine) was done by my colleague Brian McElaney.

phi.gif So, without further ado, please check out the newly launched Your feedback is certainly welcome and appreciated, but please keep in mind that any “it doesn’t validate” remarks are entirely useless at this point. Yes, there are a few errors. No, I don’t care. Why don’t I care? Because the errors are brought on by Expression Engine being stubborn. I resigned myself to this fact many weeks ago and have “let go” of my need for the entire site to validate. I’m fine with a few empty ul’s and &’s that aren’t encoded properly.

That all being said, if you like the site, I’d love to hear about it. If you don’t like the site, I’d also love to hear about it… but I much prefer the latter ;).

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Leena /

Well, I tried to find something I didn’t like about it. It’s pretty awesome, though. When you “minimize” the top three boxes, the content shifts upward: brilliant…

I doubt that anyone will ever know the validation errors for the site (besides the ones who read your blog). They’re visiting for health info, not to check out the code, right? :-)

bearskinrug /

Looks good, Josh – very clean!

Joshua Lane /

Thanks Leena and Kevin! I enjoy posting about the sites I’ve worked on, so hopefully I’ll do some more of that soon [hint, hint ;)].

Joshua Lane /

For those interested, there’s a nice little writeup about the site (and its redesign) over at

click /

Could you please send to me the contacts of developer of your site? It looks so damn good!

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