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Office – New vs Old

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

Here are some shots of the new office at Pixelworthy…


And here as some shots of the old office at Clym Environmental…


I think we can all agree it’s a major improvement.

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Joshua Lane /

…although I could use a new keyboard

Psoh /

The new office looks much better. More open…

slickwataris /

It looks very spiffy.

tigerous /

That keyboard looks totally ancient, but I completely agree. It’s a big improvement. It looks much more inviting.

A Guy /

Man, you need to ditch the keybord biz,, and get with the program, become a monk and or a hippy and smell of herbal substances and move to new york and stand in the middle of broadway and yell, “Im a hippy monk and I love living with my mom who is a martha stewert fan and my dad who love profesional wrestling” and your office should be burnt down like in office space because of the red stapler!

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