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My Work History

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Yesterday (June 2nd), I bid farewell (for good) to my old job at Clym Environmental in Frederick, MD. As I was cleaning out all my old belongings, I came across my box of business cards. I grabbed a stack to keep as a sort of memento of my time there. But tucked in the back of the box was a stack from my previous (and very first ever “professional”) job at Intech, Inc.

So, I decided to take a quick scan of all three of my business cards to give you a brief look at my “professional” work history.


Note: Some of you, I’m sure, are wondering why the names are different on the cards. Well, it’s quite simple actually. My birthname was Joshua Lane Reckmeyer, but as of last year, I legally changed it to Joshua Lane. The reason why will be left for another time… and another blog entry no doubt.

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