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Inappropriate Places for Ads

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

Everybody these days wants to make a buck from advertising… whether it’s selling ads or buying ads, the market is pretty saturated. So much so, that ads are beginning to pop up in some of the WORST places. Here are a few examples:

  • Amazon:
    There are several instances where I’ve seen “Sponsored Links” (aka, text links) show up on product pages. If you’re an online store, sell your products… not your “content”.
  • Portfolio Sites:
    If you’re trying to sell yourself and your work, don’t put Google ads on there… even if it also serves as your blog.
  • Church Websites:
    I understand that churches survive off of the generosity of their followers, but putting ads on your 4-page information site is just tacky.

I know there are other examples out there… care to share?

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Joshua Lane /

I know, right? The nerve of some people… heh… umm…

Jon /

Random blogs. I don’t understand why people feel the need to puts ads if all they do is blog

G /

The Amazon note I agree with but the other two I don’t. I also don’t agree with the “random blogger” post. Often times the ads can allow smaller bloggers or webdesigners or churches to offset the costs of web hosting. If a church chooses to have ads so they don’t have to pay the hosting fees them I’m all for it- it means the money can go to other uses.
With portfolio sites – if you are huge and very successful then I could see not needing the ads, but if you are small-time then, once again, the possible offset of costs will help these designers to get additional materials to further their trade – computers/books/personal inet access whatever. Then, once they hit the “bigtime” they’ll get another ip for their pfolio.
Bloggers, again offset costs- if you are a good enough blogger to have enough of a readership to allow some income then heck yeah- offset that cost and maybe use any other money to get some more stuff/do something to blog about.

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