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Google’s Blog Search

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Just the other day, Google launched their new Blog Search service. Part of me is really excited about this new venture, because it’s another example of how important and powerful blogs are becoming. The idea of “self-publishing” is really taking off and it’s helping to (literally) give everyone a VOICE online… from mom & pop shops to big corporations to your neighbor down the street.

What has me worried, though, is who is in charge of determining what IS or ISN’T a blog? …and therefore, what would be indexed by this new service. I’ve come across a number of sites that use blogging software for anything BUT typical blogging. For example, what if a company uses blog software to publish it’s monthly newsletter? Is it still a blog?

Another, more specific example is The Morning News site. It’s clearly an online news magazine, but it’s published with Movable Type (blogging software) and has an RSS feed that Google can grab and index. Would Google consider it a blog? Would YOU?

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