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Google, Personalized

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Just last week, Google launched a new section/service that allows users to personalize their own Google portal page.  Here’s a link:

I have no idea what the “ig” stands for, but it’s interesting to see Google slowly drift towards what Yahoo and MSN have been doing for quite some time… portals.  Even more interesting though is to see how Google is entering this arena.  For one, the portal page is completely optional and customizable.  So, if all you want is the weather forecast (plus search of course), that’s all you’ll see.  Same goes for movie times, news headlines, etc.

Now, this isn’t the most revolutionary development, other sites have had these sorts of features for a while now.  However, the difference here is the way Google is implementing them… letting the user choose whether or not they would like the basic search engine, or the full-blown portal page.  Granted, the portal probably isn’t “full-blown” just yet, but I for one am looking forward to what they have in store.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I have my page set up… just weather and the last five news headlines from Google News.

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