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Freelance: Things To Do

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments
  1. Find Jobs
  2. Create “Business” Site (note: make it look pretty)
  3. Make Business Cards (and send them to friends & family)
  4. Setup Separate Bank Account, Health Insurance, Etc.
  5. Find More Jobs
  6. Re-design (add blog)
  7. Create “Bliss” WordPress Theme (and sell it?)
  8. Re-build (w/ Amazon’s product feeds)
  9. Find Even More Jobs
  10. Create/Sell “Travel” Prints (at $19.99/each?)
  11. Panic and/or Freak Out
  12. Sell Off Un-needed Possessions (farewell comic books)
  13. Keep Finding Jobs…

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Nathan Smith /

I guess I just assumed you were a Cogger now. Best of luck in your new endeavor, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Shouldn’t panic / freak-out time come before everything else? Will you really panic and freak out if you sell travel prints? :)

Dan Mall /

Eating and sleeping don’t even make the cut. You’re a true freelancer.

bearskinrug /

Where’s “Pace Around Anxiously, rubbing skin off hands”? I do that about 3 times a day…

Joshua Lane /

I think that falls under the “Panic and/or Freak Out” category.

bearskinrug /

Well, when do you smash furniture, then?

Joshua Lane /

That’s in the “Sell Off Un-needed Possessions” phase…

“Slightly used” sofa in need of a good home – $75 (note: small cracks in wooden supports due to baseball bat impact)

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