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Final Project

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

The final project I worked on at Electronic Ink (before leaving last week) was the website for The Center for Injury Research and Prevention. I was responsible for just about every phase of the site, from IA to Design to the HTML and CSS. And yesterday, the website went live to the world at

cirp.gif One of the fun things about this site was trying to put focus on only 3 main sections, but also incorporating several more pages/sections in the nav/header area. As you can see in the layout, there are a lot of links up there, and accommodating for that was rather difficult.

Another interesting thing was making the site flexible for 800×600 screen resolutions. Specifically, since the nav was so complicated, getting that to resize properly for smaller screens proved to be tricky. In the end, it required a bit of extra markup (containing divs and the like), but overall it works pretty well and I’m quite proud of the work done.

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Rob Weychert /

Nice work, Josh, especially with the flexibility!

jpk /

Nice work! One thing though; I would pre-load the navigation-rollover-images.

Joshua Lane /

JPK – I thought of that, but it was just after we delivered all the files to the client and since I was leaving I thought, oh well.

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