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For the last few months, I’ve been thinking about what I should name my “business”. In addition to running (and making money from), I’m now venturing into the world of freelance. And what I’d like to do is roll all of that up into a single business venture. But, what do I call it?

A few years back, I thought about calling my business “Joshua Lane Productions” (hence the domain name for my portfolio). That never sat well with me, because it just felt kind of egotistical… and let’s face it, my name doesn’t carry much weight, so using it as a business name felt odd.

My next best idea (again, from a few years ago) was to create some sort of umbrella entity that would encompass all of the websites I was creating (,, etc). I came up with “Entertainment Lane”. Yeah, kinda lame, but it utilized part of my name, so my ego liked it. Still, it didn’t fit for a business… only as a name for the network of sites I was creating.

I took a break from all of that, until recently when I was toying around with some names a few months ago. One stuck with me… Try July (website coming soon). It’s positive, it rhymes, it’s neutral (could be ANY type of business) and it incorporates the month I was born, so it’s got a personal touch as well.

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Mat /

It’s short, memorable and all of the respective letters are grouped nicely on a keyboard.

Looks like a keeper.

Alex Giron /

I actually didn’t like the name at first, but the more and more I repeated it in my head, the more I liked it. That’s a good thing, it’s catchy

rob cherny /

First reaction is “huh”? But then … Totally unique, different, and catchy. I think it’s great. Run with it! Can’t wait to see the site.

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