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One the greatest things about my job is that I get to collaborate with a lot of really talented people. From designs to information architecture to logos… it’s always nice to incorporate (and learn from) the ideas of others.

Which is why I’m really interested to see how this new collaboration tool (Chalk) turns out. Here are a couple links and a description of this new application:

Chalk gives users the ability to share code, ideas, audio and more in a small collaborative environment. For example, designers could use it to make collaborative alterations to a layout, or programmers could dissect their application – in real time. You can plan, organize, chat, and much more.

We’re also going to lengths to provide users with simple ways to find new people to collaborate with via an extensive community system. Originally, you might prefer to work with people you know by contacting them with the simple private message and invite system. Later on, you can find new people to collaborate with by sharing and bookmarking Chalkboards – you name it, Chalk (probably) has it.

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