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Backfilling Old Content

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I’m in the process of backfilling old content into this site and it’s a lot more work than I initially estimated. Specifically, I’m adding all of my entries from and A few months back I did the same with my Pixelworthy blog posts (before the site was taken down). You can find those in the Design Category (scroll all the way down and note all entries prior to the obligatory “Welcome” post).

That addition was fairly simple as all posts were added to the existing “Design” category. The trick with all of the new posts is to add them so they make sense to this site’s structure. Muzicality posts are easy enough as they’re all just CD Reviews. I’ll create a new “CD Reviews” category and dump them all there.

NewInPhilly posts are a bit trickier as they include three different types… 1) General Blog Posts, 2) “To-Do List” Entries, and 3) Photo Sets. I thought about dumping everything into this site’s Philadelphia Category, but that doesn’t necessarily work so well. Ultimately, the photos I posted on NewInPhilly are kinda boring and generic, so they’re either going to flickr or the trash can. The same may be true of the “To-Do List” posts as they aren’t terribly relevant any more. Although, I always enjoyed that concept and might try to do such a thing here. The remaining general blog posts will get added to the “Philadelphia” category.

So, keep an eye out for old content. Hooray!  …this post was pointless :P

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Colin Devroe /

Perhaps you could put together a post that links to some of the better posts that you’ve recently added?

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