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At An Impasse

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

I currently find myself at a bit of an impasse (hence the clever title of this blog post). It’s an impass on many levels, but for now let’s focus on the professional one.

For starters, I’m having trouble finding things to talk about on this blog. Part of me thinks I should post more “design”-related topics (I am a designer after all). But, honestly, those types of posts always seem forced – and it makes me feel like a pompous ass. “Oh, I’m such a great designer, you should listen to me and do it this way, blah, blah, blah”. I could always write about personal stuff (like I did on, but I’m always worried I might cross that invisible line… “Why did you post about our date?!?”

On the flip side, what is and isn’t okay to talk about when it comes to your day job? I’m sure I could post “we have a cafeteria at Urban” or “our Christmas party featured indoor ice skating and arcade machines”. But what if I were to post something like “sometimes I think Urban isn’t the right fit for me :(” or “my coworkers have feet for hands!!”.

That would be pretty interesting… if I were to write that …but my coworkers don’t have feet OR hands!!

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jojo /


Dude, just post about the weight you’re not losing–that was always funny stuff.

Dan Mall /

Why didn’t you post about our date?

Blake /

Joking aside, I can relate to the “what the hell do I say now?” problem with blogging. For a long while (years in fact) I stayed away from my blog simply because I had nothing to say, yet it hounded me to no end. Then, during the design of the new version, I also re-aligned exactly what my blog meant to me. Can’t be a chore, a job. The writing part will always be difficult, because I’m not a writer yet want to write as well as possible…yet the ideas on what to write have to give me reason to write at all. So I decided to focus on design solely as a subject. During the day I’ll have an idea to explore, whether it be to write about designers, work I’ve seen, ideas about design in general…I let it come to me and keep a list. Now I’m backlogged! If only I had time to keep up. But the change in mindset helped me…thought I’d share that with ya.

Rock on. :)

Joshua Lane /

@jojo – AHHH, fixed ;) And I should write more about the weight loss… even if it’s only been 5lbs in 4 months (*tear*)

@Dan – How could I ever capture in words, the magical night we shared?

@Blake – Too true. I DO enjoy writing my snarky little “Dear XYZ” posts and those center around design subjects quite a bit. I think focusing on observations instead of “tips or suggestions” works well for me.

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