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Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

A few weeks back I was looking through my portfolio and was saddened to see that a couple of really good pieces weren’t online anymore. One, in particular, was a design for this blog’s predecessor… even before came about. Instead of keeping that design locked up (and never to be seen again), I’ve decided to release it as a theme for wordpress. I’m not sure how long it will take to modfiy the layout, but I hope this small thumbnail will satiate you until it’s complete.

Bliss Theme Some of you may actually recognize that layout. I know Nathan will, because I’ve already showed it to him. For the rest of you, it was online for a few weeks in early 2005 (January/February-ish). It even made its way into a couple of CSS design galleries.

Why did I take it down? Well, at the time, there were A LOT of people throwing up “design” blogs. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to do something different. Thus, NewInPhilly was born. Anyways, hopefully the near future will bring about my “Bliss” wordpress theme… sometime in late May perhaps?

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Edward /

How you torment your readers!

You are either a devious and evil man who enjoys embedding tiny little thumbnails of what looks to be a more than promising template so as to tease your readers into a frenzy, or you are benevolent and kind and will make a tidy link to a larger version to satiate our desire to view the piece!

Seriously, that looks bloody awesome. Even from the tiny bit I can see, I am greatly admiring your chosen color palette.

Nathan Smith /

Ooh, hey – I recognize that! :)

Edward: It will be worth the wait, because Joshua has done some very nice work on this template / theme.

Josh: I still stick by my Textpattern installation, you shant tempt me into using WordPress!

abbie /

This is the first time I’ve visited your site. The colors you use on your site is indeed very nice. Looking forward to see it in action. I’ll be back. :-)

Aimzter /

This is just Gorjuz!! When will you be releasing it! Love your colour choices.

Aimzter /

Hiya Josh, I so love your design work. Whats the chance of reusing your current design the one you have here with its exactly what im after i have done psds to what im looking for but everyone tells me its way too hard to code and i think this is almost spot on except better colours :)

love your work!!

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