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Dear Sony

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments


Ummmm… did someone in the art department miss this one? While I realize you are responsible for both the Playstation 3 and the Spider-Man films, why would you use the same typeface for two MASSIVELY popular franchises? Two franchises that aren’t really related to each other at all.

Now, if someone in the art department did this on PURPOSE, then what’s the benefit? Is there some secret synergy between the two brands we’re not aware of? Maybe there’s a Spider-Man themed Playstation 3 coming out next year? Or maybe Spider-Man plays the Playstation a lot in the next film?

Just curious to know what you all were thinking here…

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Alex Giron /

or maybe the designer is a big spider-man fan :)

Alex Schleifer /

When I first saw it months ago, I thought it was a placeholder brand for their ear;y announcements, something like the PSX brand when Playstation 1 was being proposed. It is basically, THE Spider-man font, no doubt about it. The PS3 lacks the character of that of PS1 or 2, but so does the machine design. This thing has been an oddity since the beginning. As if the marketing geniuses behind the two previous machines jumped ship and left some junior creative with a font-pack at the helm.

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