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Dear Shaun Inman

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

You seem to have caught a bit of slack lately for your launch of Mint 2.0. Here are a couple of choice quotes from both articles…

From his associates to his best friends, everyone in the little A-list circle of SXSW-speaking designers banded together to not only hock his wares on his behalf (in exchange for a free upgrade, no doubt) but to even defend his right to charge for his work on his schizophrenic website.

Do you think it’s fair that Shaun uses his influence to garner higher prices? It’s no secret that the $19 would be balked at by any other developer.

Shaun, please know that us B/C/D/etc-listers ALSO support your work. Mint is a fantastic product and that’s why I will gladly pay $19 for an upgrade (tax write-off!). I realize there are other alternatives out there (some free, some not); but none of them seem to have Mint’s flexibility, customization options, and general ease-of-use. Well done Shaun :)

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Joshua Kendall /

Shaun, please know that us B/C/D/etc-listers ALSO support your work.

Even those of us who likely won’t be found on any list support Shaun’s work.

I just have to find the time and disposable income (college student) to get another license and upgrade the one I have. :)

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