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Dear Media Blasters

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

Don’t get me wrong, I still love you guys. I have all the Invader Zim DVD’s and your releases for Berserk and 12 Kingdoms (among others) were quite impressive. The official Media Blasters Website, however, is one of the worst I’ve seen. What inspired you to do an all flash site that opened in a popup window? Did you want to have something cool that would impress visitors? Here’s the thing, it’s not 1998 anymore… and there are a number of issues you may not have considered:

  • Users often take advantage of the “Disable Popups” option in web browsers; thus rendering your entire website inaccessible.
  • Flash breaks many common web browser controls: “Back”, “Bookmark”, “Copy Link/Shortcut”, “Find in Page”, etc.
  • Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) can’t see flash content. They also don’t typically crawl information in popup windows launched via javascript.
  • Most of the 750 pages you have indexed by Google are now useless… the links go to non-existent pages.
  • I wanted to contact you directly to share this info and say how much I enjoyed your DVD releases (some good w/ the bad)… sadly, no contact page.

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Dan /

I haven’t checked, but maybe these are still up to date.

click on Media Blasters/Anime Works


Stephanie /

Smartly noted.
I for one, can’t stand huge flash based websites like that.
In moderation I think it should be used.

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